2014 Festival

Presente'Here I Am21.b

Redipùglia WW1 Memorial. Presente: I am here

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” L P Hartley, The Go Between

The vast shifting mass of the past is subject to an eternal edit: academic blacksmithing, critical competitiveness, forensic scrutiny, reappraisal, revision, speculation, opinion, assertion and denial.   Much of it eludes consensus.

New evidence challenges received wisdom.  Evolving attitudes colour our perception. Established facts are photo-shopped to illustrate or justify preferred narratives.  We see it through the distorting lens of the present as its long wake recedes behind us.

Only the future is constant.  The past changes all the time.

Roddy Murray: Head of Visual Arts & Literature

Faclan 2014 was about how we view, relate to and engage with the past and how it affects us.




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