MARK ELLEN: Rock Stars Stole My Life

isbn9781444775525Mark Ellen

In a sodden tent at a ’70s festival, the teenage Mark Ellen dreamt that music was a rich meadow of possibility, a liberating leap to a sparkling future, an industry of human happiness – and he wanted to be part of it. Thus began his 50-year love affair with rock and roll.

From his time at the NME and Smash Hits to Radio One, Old Grey Whistle Test, Live Aid, Q, Select, Mojo and The Word magazines, he’s been at the molten core of its evolution, and watched its key figures from a unique and privileged perspective.  (Famously, while at university he was briefly in the band Ugly Rumours with Tony Blair.)

This funny and touching memoir maps out his eventful journey.  It tells stories and settles scores.  It charts the peaks and disappointments.  It flags up surprising heroes and barbecues the dull and self-deluded.  It puts a chaotic world to rights and pours petrol on the embers of a glorious industry now in spiralling decline.

If you’ve never met any of your heroes from Abba to Zeppelin, an audience with Mark Ellen is perhaps the closest you will get. For more exclusive pictures visit Guardian review.


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