The Transition of a Gaelic Poet from Sceptic to Believer: Myles & Margaret Campbell in conversation with Professor Donald Macleod

Myles Campbell

Myles Campbell with the Bardic Crown at the Royal National Mod

Myles Campbell was born in Skye and is one of the most acclaimed and talented Gaelic poets of his generation. Margaret (nee Smith) was born in Lewis. This compelling book, tells the amazing story of how they were brought together and how uncanny or providential events were instrumental in converting Myles to Christianity. It also contains new poetry by Myles in Gaelic and English.

Donald Macleod retired as Principal of the Free Church College in Edinburgh in May 2010. Ordained to Kilmallie in 1964, his second charge was Glasgow where he ministered in the then Partick Highland congregation before being appointed to the chair of Systematic Theology at the Free Church College in 1978. He was appointed Principal in 1999. In 2008 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Westminster Theological Seminary. He is the author of several books which include “The Person of Christ”, “The Spirit of Promise” and “A Faith to Live By”.

Donald Macleod

Donald Macleod

‘This book offers three for the price of one: the spiritual autobiographies of both a Gaelic poet and his wife, interspersed with learned excursions into the scientific findings and philosophical theories which so deeply colour life in today’s western world. It is a story of fulfilled dreams and divine coincidences, interrupted by encounters with Jung and echoes of the Big Bang. Very human at its heart, and tinged with mysticism, yet unmistakeably reflecting its own time; and a fascinating reminder that scientist, poet and religious seeker can happily inhabit one and same mind.’ Professor Donald Macleod,

‘The story told in this book is inextricably linked to their island upbringing and cultural background, to the extent that it is unlikely to have been written in these terms by people less familiar with the traditional ‘world view’ of island societies . It is a very personal story, and one which honestly seeks to understand and interpret the events they have experienced and the conflicting intellectual and religious ideas to which they have been exposed.’ John Randall, chairman of publishers the Islands Book Trust

Myles and Margaret will be giving four presentations for Faclan 2011 in Uist, Barra, Harris, and Lewis. The Stornoway session takes the form of a conversation between Professor Macleod and the Campbells about their personal and religious experiences, with readings from the new book.

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