Peigi Flora MacdonaldPeigi Flora Macdonald was born at Uig Hospital on the Isle of Skye, attended Portree Primary School until the age of 10 and then arrived in Barvas, Lewis and later attended the Nicolson Institute. As a young child, she loved stories and acting out situations.  Her first solo drama (alone in the spare room) was a verbal and physical imitation of a neighbour as she lost patience with her very trying son!  She loved comics and always tried to give voice to the characters.

In her long career in Primary school education, Peigi Flora used Drama as a tool to encourage imagination and speech development.  In the early days of Gaelic Medium education, she invented her own materials to supplement the limited resources available.  Her book of plays, ‘Dealbh Chluichean do Chloinn’ recently published by Acair, is a handbook and ready resource to spark off the imaginations of children and their teachers!


‘’If it provides ideas on how to go about producing and acting a sketch, then it has accomplished it’s misson. The whole of life is an ongoing Drama, so, we need light relief at times – laughter being the best medicine!!’’

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