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‘This thrilling environment is made by a beguiling disregard for that most sacred of cows, the environment’ Jonathan Meades; The Isle of Rust


Jonathan Meades

Jonathan Meades has spent thirty years constructing sixty films, two novels and hundreds of pieces of journalism that dissolve the barriers between high and low culture, good and bad taste, deep seriousness and knockabout comedy.  His vision is as sharp and unmistakable as his image: tinted glasses, sharp suit, dead-pan delivery.

He peddles, as he calls it, heavy entertainment, which means he has strong opinions about almost everything.

What sets Meades apart is that his views are backed up by an astonishing depth of knowledge.  Maybe because he taught himself (he went to RADA not university), his scholarship has sharpened his originality rather than blunting it.  To watch or read Meades riffing on places, buildings, food, politics, or cultural history is an exhilarating  workout for the mind and eye.  He leaves you better informed, more alert, less gullible.

Jonathan Meades Wikipedia entry

‘One of the funniest and truest writers we have.’  Stephen Fry

‘Meades is funnier, cleverer and sharper than anyone else on TV.’   A.A. Gill

‘Meades knows which fork to pick up, but he is deeply the other thing: an educated upstart who not only doesn’t know his place, but knows far more than his allotted share about all the other places.’  Clive James

‘If Meades was a racehorse you’d be calling for a steward’s enquiry. There’s something in his feed which definitely gives him the lot.’  Iain Sinclair

‘By furlongs the most erudite broadcaster of the age.’  Will Buckley, The Observer 

‘Jonathan Meades is the best amateur chef in the world.’  Marco Pierre White

‘When journalism is like this, journalism and literature become one.’   James Wood



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