HALLAIG: Director Timothy Neat, 1984, 63 mins.

Sorley Maclean

Sorley Maclean, 1982

Presented by Nobel prize-winner Seamus Heaney and Lewis poet and writer, Iain Crichton Smith, this film, subtitled The Poetry and Landscape of Sorley MacLean, won the Pascoe MacFarlane Award, 1985, UK, for the best documentary by a new director, the Silver Award for Cinematography, Philadelphia, 1985.  It was broadcast on C4TV, Christmas Day 1985.  A separate Gaelic version of the film was later made for BBC Scotland.

A major figure in Gaelic culture, Sorley Maclean (Somhairle MacGill-Eain) was born on the island of Raasay in 1911.  In his family, Gaelic traditions, especially of song, survived.  He took a first-class degree in English at Edinburgh.  He served in North Africa in World War II and was wounded three times.  He was instrumental in preserving the teaching of Gaelic in Scottish schools.  He died in 1996.

The film’s Director, Timothy Neat, will introduce.

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