The opening scene of this new comic is set on St Kilda at the time of the 1930 evacuation where it is linked to a vampire infestation. The story continues into the Second World War in Europe and incorporates iconic figures from the horror film canon.  We will hear about why St. Kilda was chosen, about the continued interest in the horror community with island life, and about plans to develop the characters in connection to St. Kilda and a new project centred on the Island of Mingulay slated for 2013.  So, vampires, Nazis, a remote, evocative Scottish island with a real history and an assortment of movie monsters…  What’s not to like?

Through the publicity generated from the BBC Highlands and Islands website, The Sun and The Daily Mirror, the story has been optioned to be made into a full length feature film by the Scottish film company Invictus. The comic has been extremely well received by fans and critics alike and continues to grow in popularity.

School of the Damned

John Farman was born in Glasgow in 1966, he has lived abroad in many parts of the world most notably for 3 years in the Costa Rican jungle on an Organic farm and international community called Punta Mona, where he helped educate American High School children in the principles of perma-culture and bio-dynamics.

He has worked extensively in Theatre with companies as diverse as TAG, The Arches, STG and Geezabrek Theatre co. More recently John formed Black Hearted Press an independent Comic Company in Glasgow alongside co- founders David Braysher and Sha Nazir. John and Sha successfully re-launched the Glasgow Comic Convention in 2011 where guests such as Mark Millar and David Lloyd participated in the event.

BlackHearted Press Website

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