The Reverend David Robertson

When Richard Dawkins published ‘The God Delusion’, the Free Church minister in Dundee wrote an ‘open letter’ to him which found its way onto Richard Dawkins website, where it generated the largest response of any posting up to that time. Since then it has been the source of continued discussion, with David publishing ‘The Dawkins Letters’ in 2007.  As well as selling over 30,000 copies in the UK, the book has been translated into ten languages.

Described by some as “Scotland’s leading Christian apologist”, David Robertson  is the director of the pioneering Solas Centre for Public Christianity, as well as a writer and broadcaster.  An articulate and controversial speaker, David regularly speaks at universities, pubs, book clubs and even churches, throughout the UK and Europe.

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The book comprises a series of ten letters to Dawkins, the first of which was published on Dawkins’ own website, which counter the arguments in Dawkins’ book chapter by chapter.  Robertson is clearly well-read and marshals his arguments in a balanced and intellectually sound way. But this is not an inaccessible academic treatise; he writes clearly and understandably in such a way that most people will be able to grasp the arguments easily. He avoids the temptation to ‘rubbish’ Dawkins, just dismantles and challenges his arguments frankly and cohesively. The final letter (to the reader) “Why Believe”, contains a very useful and extensive reading list which most will never get to read in entirety but is helpful to have.’

Review by Clem Jackson, Editor – Christian Marketplace

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