Rònaigh: North Rona

North Rona on the horizon

8.30pm, Wednesday 2 November

In association with Acair publishers, this is the kind of unique first-hand insight only the best local history can offer.  An absorbing event about North Rona, the now uninhabited island 44 miles to the North East of the Butt of Lewis.  It is hosted by the eminent Gaelic scholar, local historian (and much else besides) Finlay Macleod whose forefather was exiled from Ness to Rona in 1826 where he remained with his family for 5 years.  Joining Finlay will be the renowned naturalist John Love whom he first met on a trip to Rona in 1971.  The event will be chaired by Agnes Rennie, Director of Acair.

This event will be – at least partially – in Gaelic, but there will be simultaneus translation facilities available.

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